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Rock Space Whole Home WiFi System- Dual Band Mesh WiFi System, AC1200

Oppdatert: 25. jan. 2021

Whole Home WiFi System is a basic Ac1200 Mesh system. And with the 3 unit package you get up to 5380 sq.ft Coverage. It has a easy app setup that is so very good for beginners. I think it looks pretty good with the black design.

Get your set on Amazon her

Get your set on Amazon here:

About this item:

  • No More Dead Zones The coverage of 3 mesh units is up to 5380 sq.ft, can easily cover a three-story house, eliminates WiFi Dead-Zones at home such as bedroom, basement, garage, garden etc. Ideal for big house, apartment & office.

  • One SSID, Support Seamless Roaming Home WiFi System replaces your router and repeaters, create only one SSID in your home and provide seamless WiFi network. Keep your devices always connecting to the nearest mesh unit and choosing the fastest band.

  • Speed up to 1200Mbps, MU-MIMO Technology The combined dual band (2.4GHz+5GHz) of this Whole Home WiFi System speeds up to 1167 Mbps. The MU-MIMO WiFi can transfer data to multipul devices at the same rate simultaneously.

  • Setup & Manage with app. Run RS WiFi APP and set up your mesh routers easily by following the on-screen instructions. You can also set a WiFi for guest, set time limits and control WiFi access for children's devices, control QoS and update firmware.

  • Built-in Firewall & WPA2-PSK Guard Your NetworkThis Whole Home Mesh WiFi System has a built-in firewall which can forbid UDP/TCP flood attack. And it also encrypted with WPA2-PSK, help to secure your home WiFi network and protect your privacy.

Get your set on Amazon here:

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