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Meshforce M7 Tri-Band Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

The M series contains four different systems covering a small range in the 1200Mbps speed range. The units looks good and are very easy to set up and operate. So for average house, average use you won't go wrong with Meshforce.

The Meshforce M7 Tri-band is the biggest, fastest in the M series Sharing its mesh network on a Powerful Tri-band system.

Get your set on Amazon here: Meshforce M7 Tri-band-amazon

Get your set on Amazon here:Meshforce M7 Tri-band-amazon

Control your home WiFi from the palm of your hand with the app

Set up in Minutes: The 'My Mesh ' App guides you through setup

Support up to 6 mesh points to fit any homes.

Tri-Band Powerful WiFi: Carry more devices, automatically connects to the fastest and least-crowded network, keep high performance even in high Internet traffic use case.

Get your set on Amazon here:Meshforce M7 Tri-band-amazon

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