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Luma Whole Home WiFi (3 Pack - White)

Luma Whole Home WiFi (3 Pack - White) is not the best we have tested in anyway, and it seems like quite a few are struggling as well with 3,4 stars at off 5 stars on Amazon.

What we can see in the reviews are that this is not the easiest system to set up for everyone and there has been some defect units not giving the speed and reach as advertised. But it looks like those things are getting better. The units we tested worked as expected. And we had no problems with the setup. So would recommend the product.

Get your set on Amazon here:

Get your set on Amazon here:

About this item:

  • fast WiFi delivered to every square inch of your house. No dead zones. No buffering. No kidding.

  • Serious security: All-day, every-day security automatically scans and neutralizes any virus or malware, keeping your devices as safe as a Swiss bank account.

  • Smarter parenting: Set a user rating (G, PG, or PG-13) for each person on your network, to easily and effectively limit all the inappropriate things they might somehow stumble upon.

  • Greater control, remotely: Pause the internet, prioritize devices, grant guest access & remove unwanted devices from anywhere, with the Luma app.. So if you want to pause the internet or prioritize a device, just ask.

  • Two Gigabit ethernet ports of WAN and LAN USB 2.0 Wireless Type802.11a/b/g/n/ac

Get your set on Amazon here:

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